okay, so I’m here because i was told journaling is a proven, effective way to de-stress, and that’s what i need (more on that later). i also discovered that i’m a close match for the INTP type personality and that writing is my thing.

so here i am.

it feels weird after not writing blogging for a couple of years. anyways, i don’t want to spend time too much time going back into the past. this is not about the past or even the future. i need this to be about NOW. so if you’re interested to read my thoughts from before, you can check out my other blog, Tilted Halos.

between 2010 and now, i’ve changed some. fast forward to 2013, i’ve developed an auto-immune condition called, Graves Disease. sounds horrible when i first heard it. graves, as in the place where souls are laid to rest? thankfully not. graves is the name of the dude who discovered this condition. this in turn causes my thyroid to be overactive. it’s called hyperthyroidism. and this is the reason why i need to manage my stress better – stress was a major trigger for my condition. of course there are other factors too but stress creates the perfect environment, a catalyst of sort. it weakens the body’s self-defence and throws it off balance. paired with the INTPs strong inner judge, need for absolute control over thier personal space and lack of tolerance for incompetency, most of which are self-directed, it was a disaster waiting to happen.

but hey, i’ve learned a lot more about myself from this experience so it’s not all bad.

i do not know how this blog will take shape but i’ll throw caution to the wind and write as freely as I will. it’ll all work out in the end.


One thought on “fast forward to 2013

  1. How are u in your journey with Graves? I also have the disease & am findung a way to deal with it effectively. Have u found Sebastian Liew’s approach helpful? Am thinking of going to see him.

    Thank you for sharing….Esther

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