On being an INTP – Intro

I’ve just decided to change my blog name to Random Thoughts of an INTP. As I have no set direction for this blog, you can expect more of such changes in the future. Oh well…
Will let it be fluid and not bother about where it leads or ends. This is after all just an outlet for me to organize my random thoughts on random topics of interest, so anything goes really. This is how I bring form to my thoughts, which can be very scattered. I find the process somewhat therapeutic.

My latest fascination is the study of personality types. The name of this blog reveals that I’m an INTP. One of the distinctive traits of an INTP is our tendency to challenge and test our own ideas and theories by way of arguing with ourselves. “An INTP arguing a point may very well be trying to convince himself as much as his opposition” (Joe Butt, Typelogic). As it is said, we are our own worst critic. And we’re good at playing devil’s advocate. So whatever I trash out here, take it with a grain of salt. Most of the time I am engaging in self-talk, either trying to understand myself, refuting my own ideas and theories or trying to convince myself that I am making sense. Truth is our God. Our search for understanding and quest for truth drives us to drill down to an issue, analyze it from all possible angles and eliminate inconsistencies. All these makes us INTPs look very intellectual, even intimidating to some. But it’s really just a way we gather and process information. Each type has its own unique strength. Personally, I find INTJs to be the most intimidating.

I had wanted to write about being an INTP in relation to my happiness and effectiveness at work in this post but seeing that the intro is already rather lengthy, I’ll let it stand on its own. If I feel like it, I will write about the latter in my next post. Studies revealed that INTPs, together with INFPs, score the highest of all types in career dissatisfaction (truity.com).