Who Am I again?

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The Art of Simple

It feels strange to be back here again. My last post was over 3 years ago! It’s a little depressing, though not surprising, that I’m back for the same reason – trying to work out who I am. It bothers me a great deal that I struggle with this so much for so long. When I thought I can finally nail myself down to INTP, I was relieved, even though there was a sliver of doubt. 3 years on that nagging doubt drove me to consider that I may be closer to an INFJ after all. Knowing who I am is also a means to an end, to help me discover my passion, my calling, my place in this world – all very vital to me. There has been a lot of dissatisfaction at work lately so I feel it’s time to work on this again. Without the answers, I find it difficult to move forward. I wanted someone to guide me this time and signed up for a self-discovery program called Upstream Field Guide: Discover Your Life’s Purpose. I’ll be using this space to work on the exercises in each lesson.



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