Upstream Field Guide: Lesson 1

In lesson 1, Tsh talked about simple living and asked what it means to us.

What comes to mind when I hear the phrase “simple living”? Living stress-free. Minimalism. Only what matters.

She also gave her own definition, which I thought is brilliant. Simple Living simply means living holistically with our life’s purpose. I love it! In just a few words she captures the essence of this idea. Yet there is much food for thought wrapped up in this simple definition. It feels freeing and daunting to me at the same time. What does it mean to live holistically?  Also, the word “purpose”, that’s a huge one. People can live a lifetime not knowing their purpose!

Not knowing who I am at the core, what I’m called to and my place in this world is one of my life’s greatest fears. Without the knowing the answers, how can I move forward? It’s the starting point from where and how I orientate my path. Choosing to live simply is to choose to go against the norm, against the of tide of living with a hundred distractions, waking up everyday not knowing where you’re headed, to navigate the wilderness without a compass. It is to paddle upstream. To say no to merely existing.

Through Upstream Field Guide, I hope to get clarity on

  • Who I am at the core (know myself)
  • My life’s purpose (know my calling)
  • How to live simply accordingly



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