Upstream Field Guide: Lesson 2 Who Are You Part 1-3

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What is my MBTI type?

In this lesson I work on figuring out my MBTI type. I’ve struggled with this for years and keeps revisiting it whenever I feel stuck and lost in life. As mentioned in my intro post to Upstream, I’ve recently typed as INFJ after 2 years of thinking I was INTP! Oh well…At least I can get straight to working on this exercise since I already have the answer to this one. How long will it stick before I start doubting myself again is another matter! Over the years I’ve read multiple personality sites and took the free test on their webpage. There are a couple that I find offers more depth and clarity. One of my favorite is Personality Hacker. It was here that I first thought I could be an INFJ after all! Their INFJ info page cleared some of my doubts. If you’re curious what your type is, you can take their free test here.

My MBTI type is  – INFJ

These are some of the key characteristics of INFJ that resonates with me.

I – Introvert.

Craves and thrive best with lots of alone, uninterrupted time. Withdraws to my inner world. Socializing and small talk is tedious. Networking is stressful and makes me feel phony. Intense. Easily distracted and overwhelmed by too much environmental stimuli (highly sensitive). Uncomfortable with attention.Thought before action. Communicates better in writing than in person.

N – Introverted  Intuition (Ni).

Perceives meaningful connections between thoughts, concepts, events, occurrences and feelings in my life and my environment. Highly sensitive to beauty. Draws meaning from it. Feels the need to create beauty/immerse myself in it. Cares a great deal about meaning of life, purpose and passion. Concerned with big picture; tries to understand the whys behind events, feelings etc. (usually intangible things). Looks for meaning and tries to identify root causes behind them. Dives deep into things that interests/intrigues me, researching the subject/object of interest to death! Able to reconcile paradoxes and contradictory evidences. Highly aware of body language, facial expressions, tones of voice, that may reveal something about how someone is feeling. Picks up copious amounts of details from the world around and people, absorbing and storing them haphazardly in my mind while constantly scans for clues or patterns, drawing connections between them. Over time more and more pieces of the puzzle fits and a vision/understanding starts to appear.

F – Extraverted Feeling (Fe).

Understands and empathize with others emotions, feelings and moods. Able to quickly size up the mood/energy/emotional atmosphere of the environment. Able to sense what others are feeling at the moment. Helpful, obliging, supportive and encouraging. Form of help rendered may be less practical and more insightful. A good listener. Can feel used/taken advantage of. Knows how to put people at ease and make them feel better. Works to maintain a sense of harmony in the outer world. Have a harder time understanding own emotions. Needs to throw feelings out into the world (by talking or writing) to help process them effectively. Desires to make people feel understood. Make choices that takes other people’s feelings and needs into consideration (uses harmony to drive decisions). Understands social dynamics, unwritten social rules, and culture.

J – Judging

Refers to how I approach life in my outer world. Prefers a planned, orderly way of life. Organizes my world to achieve my goals and desired results in a predictable way. Gets my sense of control by taking charge of my environment and making choices early. Self-disciplined, task-oriented, decisive, seeks closure in decisions, prioritizes work before play, good time keeping. Specific and clear with requests and expects others to follow through. However, inwardly (in my inner world) I am curious and more open-ended than how others perceive me to be on the outside because I my dominant function is i perceiving function called introverted intuition (Ni).



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