Upstream Field Guide: Lesson 3 Who Are You Part 2-1

What do I find beautiful and why do I love them?

This exercise is meant to help me be more aware of the beauty around me, whether tangible or intangible and take time to appreciate each one. I will then use a few descriptive words to describe why I find them beautiful.

  1. Reunions with my mom and siblings- being myself, warmth, bond, acceptance, nostalgia, authentic, loyalty, home, camaraderie, belonging
  2. When a co-worker/ acquaintance spontaneously buys me snacks with no strings attached – unconditional, kindness, thoughtfulness, not-forgotten, generous
  3. When my daughter takes care/ does simple things for her older brother without complaining –  family, kindness, thoughtfulness, loyalty, innocence
  4. Being on the same wave-length with another person in a conversation – connection, understood, not alone, encouragement
  5. Exploring the alleyways of Samcheongdong-Bukchon – novelty, culture, surprises, adventure, familiar but different
  6. Vast open plains of Jejudo – freedom, free-spirited, renewal, largeness, abundance
  7. Being on the peak of Seoraksan – hope, transcendence, invisible, on-top-of-the-world
  8. Hiking thru the mountainous forest of Kamikochi – spiritual, inner sanctum, grounded, hidden, solitude
  9. Curve lines of the eaves and roofs of Hanoks – quiet elegance, simplicity, character, bold
  10. Wood grains and bright color of Hanoks – cheerful, fresh, newness, character
  11. Korean stone walls – symmetry, raw, unrefined, safe, authentic, elegance, character
  12. The smell and sound of rain and thunderstorms- cozy, rest, refreshing,





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