Upstream Field Guide: Lesson 4 Your Purpose Exercise 6

Life happened and I got busy and dropped of the trail for a bit. I’m telling myself I need to complete this because I am certain of its value to me. Let’s dive right back in!

Alas! I am at the final exercise for Lesson 4 and it’s a big one: What do I want people to say about me at my memorial.  What will be the thing my children, grandchildren and extended friends and family will say is true about me? What legacy or core values do I want to leave behind for them?

That’s a lot to think about! To make this easier, I am going to list down some core values and create a quote out of each to put them in context. I find this exercise here helpful and have used it to create my own list.

So here we go!

Independence is key to freedom.

Wise money management early in life gives you they security and freedom you need to pursue other things in life. Money doesn’t solve everything but it sure does help!

Respect other people’s time by being punctual.

Conduct yourself with integrity and you will put to rest many fears.

Someone who is dependable and consistent will be a pillar to another.

Freedom of expression fuels creativity.

Embrace your authentic self and you will make peace with yourself.

The best way to achieve good health is to address it holistically.

A life of moderation and balance is key to harmony.

Curiosity and continuous learning keeps you young.

To be well-read is to expand your world.

Be proactive in life if you are uncomfortable with life happening to you.

Beauty refreshes the soul.

In life, shit happens. Resilience is key to survival.

Simplicity helps you focus on what’s important. Don’t wait till you’re overwhelmed to simplify. It saves you a lot of stress.

If you can find your passion and live accordingly, you’d be happier than most of your peers.

The story of Christ offers the greatest hope to humanity, especially if you (or your life) feels less than what you’ve hoped for.

My highest desire for my children is for them to live a life of purpose and meaning, walking in the path of Christ, practicing His presence daily. Everything else will fall into place




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