Upstream Field Guide Lesson 5: Your Purpose Statements

In this lesson I finally put together all that I’ve learned about myself into a family and personal purpose statement. This will be sort of a reference point for all my decisions and choices in life. The idea is that if we align ourselves with our purpose statement which is born out of careful reflection of who we are and our innermost values and desires, it helps simplify a lot of decisions for us and keeps us in congruent with our authentic self at all times. It establishes what’s most important to us and we live by it. If you’ve ever wondered how to follow that still small voice, I think this comes pretty close! I am not yet ready to write a family statement at this point so I will focus on just writing out my personal purpose statement. We’re not to confuse our roles with our purpose. We may have different roles at different stages in our life, they are temporary, but our purpose should be lifelong. Say for example, when I was young I wanted to be writer when I grow up and I eventually became one and can’t imagine not being one. That’s a role. Say 15 years passed and I have a family now and I have a new found passion for mentoring youths. That’s a role. A purpose on the other hand is not bound by time or space. It is timeless. With that thought, let’s dive right in.

After considering all that I’ve uncovered through the extensive exercises this is what I’ve come up with.

God has created me to be a SEEKER,
of TRUTH and BEAUTY for they inspire me and remind me of Him,
of MODERATION and SIMPLICITY for I flourish where there is HARMONY and BALANCE in my life and my environment,
of AUTHENTICTY for it puts me at peace with myself and builds trust with others
of creative SELF-EXPRESSION for it gives me a voice
of lifelong LEARNING and EXPLORATION for they fuel my curiosity and creativity

I will use my gifts and collective experiences to inspire others towards the same and to SLOW DOWN enough to be awake to that inner voice and the beauty around us.



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